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Illustrations examples, platform Station Korsvägen. Illustration: White architects
This news is older than 6 months

We have now submitted the railway plan for approval

Due to the County Administrative Board's support for the West Link's railway plan, we have been able to submit the plan for approval this week.

Before the West Link can be built, the railway plan needs to enter into legal force. The construction must also be authorised by the Land and Environmental Court.

The County Administrative Board backed the West Link's railway plan on 26 August this year. We were therefore able to move on to the next step in the planning process; to submit the plan to be approved by the Transport Administration's plan evaluation department in Borlänge. Once the plan has been approved, it can be appealed. If that happens, the Government makes a decision on the matter. We expect the railway plan to enter into legal force in 2017.

Applying to the Land and Environmental Court

Before we can begin constructing the West Link, we require permits from the Land and Environmental Court regarding impacts from the West Link build and for water-related activities. We expect to submit the permit applications to the Court at the turn of 2015/2016 and to have received a binding judgment by 2017.