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Bo Näverbrant. Photo:Christiaan Dirksen
This news is older than 6 months

"We will build the right facility for the city and the environment, for passengers and for the Swedish Transport Administration"

West Link Project staff: Bo Näverbrant is responsible for the work with the railway plan and for technical issues relating to the stations.

What is your background and how did you come to be involved in the West Link Project?

"I trained to be an engineer at Chalmers, where I studied Civil Engineering. After finishing my studies, and until around four years ago, I worked as a technical consultant at both smaller and bigger consultant companies in Gothenburg. The last place I worked was WSP, where my tasks included conducting a railway investigation for the West Link. In 2011, I applied to work for the Transport Administration and the West Link Project in order to have the opportunity to play a part in realising what we had come up with during the railway investigation.”

 What does your role in the West Link Project entail?

“Firstly I work with issues relating to the West Link stations, design, safety and installations, and secondly with the railway plan, which I have dedicated a lot of my time to during this last year.

We have been working on the railway plan for approximately three years. Since the review of the West Link's railway plan at the turn of the year 2014/2015, we have worked with the plan and made a few modifications. My task has been to administer and ensure that these changes to the railway plan have been carried out. Our final version has now been approved, or backed as it is called, by the County Administrative Board and has been submitted for approval.”

“I also participate in the work with our consultant ÅF, which has been commissioned to produce tender documents for the West Link's contracts.”

What is the greatest challenge with the West Link Project from your perspective?

“The West Link presents plenty of challenges. Some of them we have already overcome, like finding the best route for the railway line and discovering the best design for the stations. But the biggest challenges are ahead us; completing the construction of the West Link in a way that is acceptable to the inhabitants of Gothenburg.”

“Right now, from my perspective, it is most important that we, together with the consultant, produce tender documents that are good enough to guarantee that the contractors can take over and start building the West Link in a way that meets our requirements and those of the surrounding environment. We must build the right type of facilities for the city, the surrounding environment, the passengers and for the Transport Administration. This means, for example, that the stations must be attractive, accessible, sustainable, durable and safe. The facilities were designed during the previous stage, and now we want to see how we can make it even better and more cost-effective, based on the information we have today.”

How will you meet the challenge?

“At the moment, it involves working continuously with the consultant ÅF, being available to direct and support, and being a client that establishes the right requirements and conditions with clear and timely decisions. It is important to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the other involved parties, such as the City of Gothenburg, Västtrafik and the County Administrative Board. The West Link is, among other things, an urban development project, and obviously it is important that we work together to find the best solutions, both during the construction and for the finished facilities.”

What is the most fun part of your job?

“Working as a consultant with both small and large projects that involve numerous consultants has been work full of variety. When I started working at the Transport Administration, I was a little bit scared that working with only one project would be less varied. It turned out to be the complete opposite; no two days are ever alike. We work together in a team, and it is stimulating to work with so many talented people.”

“As an old Gothenburger, I am also very pleased to work on a project that will mean a lot for the residents of the city and the urban development of Gothenburg.”

What do you do to relax?

“To be completely honest, relaxation usually involves watching a good detective series on the telly. But I also exercise regularly, although a little less than I should, and as I live so close to the border between the park Slottsskogen and the city, I have good access to relaxing walks in different environments.”

Do you talk a lot about the West Link in your free time?

“No, not a lot. However, if the subject comes up, I do find it fun to talk about the project.”