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Traffic and people in central Gothenburg. Photo: Kerstin Ericsson
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Many measuring points in central Gothenburg

For over three years we have studied the ground along the West Link route to get the best foundation prior to the construction. During 2016, we are starting up new measuring works that will continue until the West Link is completed in the year 2026.

The purpose of the measurements is to make sure that we do not cause damage to the surroundings when we build the West Link. The measurements will be taken both before and during construction so we can follow up possible changes and impacts on the surroundings in conjunction with the construction. We will for example measure groundwater levels and movements in the ground. In addition to traditional ground-based measurement, we intend to use satellite measurements as a supplementary way to monitor movements in the ground.

We are already starting the measurements to see how the ground is moving today, and in order to later be able to distinguish the movements that could occur due the West Link. This means that we will be able to take action in good time if there is a risk that the movements can cause, for example, settlement damage in the long term.

Further measurements during the construction period

When we construct the West Link, there will be both noise and vibrations in and around the construction sites. During the construction period we will measure sound and vibration levels in order to make sure that they maintain an acceptable level and that we do not exceed the limit values that have been established by both the Transport Administration and other authorities. We will also study water and air quality, and make inventories and document animal and plant life at selected places.

When we take the measurements in Gothenburg, we will be seen and sometimes also heard. For example, in certain cases we will need to drill in the ground. This will generate a buzzing and droning sound, sounding like the sound of traffic, and hammering noise may also be heard.

In other cases we will need to install measuring equipment and settlement studs on buildings in the area. Those property owners and residents who may be affected by this will be informed, and we will of course obtain all necessary permits from property owners and other bodies concerned.