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Peab awarded contract for Olskroken

The Swedish contractor Peab is awarded the first major contract for the West Link and Olskroken Projects.

The planning and construction of the two projects are coordinated because of geographical closeness and similar time frames. The work will be divided into six construction contracts. Five of the contracts are based on a geographical division of the route. In addition, there will be an overall contract for the work called "BEST", which in Swedish stands for rail, electronics, signaling system and telecommunication.

The first of the six contracts, Olskroken, is awarded to the Swedish contractor Peab and subcontractors WSP and Infranord.

Creating opportunities for innovative solutions

Construction in Olskroken is planned to start in 2017/2018. The reason that the procurement of the contractor is being done already, is that we use a contract model called ECI (Early Contractor Involvement). This means that the contractor is involved at an early stage and is responsible for the detailed design prior to construction.

- This is a form of contract that is common in many parts of Europe, but has not been used to the same extent here in Sweden, says Lillian Brunbäck, Head of Procurement for the West Link and Olskroken Projects.

Traditionally, the contractor gets involved in the project when construction start and carries out what someone else have planned. In this type of contract, instead, it is the contractor itself who is doing detailed design.

- Since the contractor, with its experience in building, gets involved in an early stage, the production can be more efficient, risk assessment and risk management can be improved and opportunities for innovative solutions can be created. Simply put, the goal is getting the construction to run more smoothly, says Lillian Brunbäck.

In accordance with Swedish law, the decision can be appealed for ten days.