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Cross section of Station Haga. Illustration: Abako Arkitektkontor
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Prequalification for construction contracts Haga and Korsvägen coming up

The work with the procurement of contractors for construction of the West Link has started. From April 2016, it is possible to submit a tender application for the construction contracts Haga and Korsvägen.

In April 2016 the Swedish Transport Administration will invite contractors to prequalify for the construction contracts Haga and Korsvägen. This means that you are applying for the right to submit tenders for the two contracts. These are two out of six main contracts in the project.

The contracts

The contract Haga includes construction of the West Link's station Haga, and tunnel construction. Contract Korsvägen likewise includes the station Korsvägen and tunnel construction.

– Both stations are single platform stations with two tracks, including preparations for an additional platform and two tracks. The Haga and Korsvägen stations both have three entrances leading to a concourse level and on to the platform level, says Lillian Brunbäck, Procurement Manager for the West Link Project.


Haga station is located half in soil, crossing the Rosenlund canal, and half in rock. Tunnelling will also include a parallel service tunnel and a connecting access tunnel.

A number of culturally important buildings are located along the route of the tunnel, and the traffic around the future station area will need to be re-routed in stages during the construction.


Also Korsvägen station is located half in soil and half in rock. The tunnel is mainly rock tunnel but a part will be cut and cover. The line passes through Liseberg amusement park and a considerable amount of attention will need to be given to the activities carried out in the park. The traffic around Korsvägen will need to be re-routed in stages during the construction. The line also includes three rescue, service and access tunnels.

Design & build and construction contracts

– Both contracts Haga and Korsvägen will be procured as design and build contracts for the concrete tunnels, and construction contracts for the rock tunnel parts, says Lillian Brunbäck, Procurement Manager.

The West Link Project considers a combinatorial procurement of the two contracts of Haga and Korsvägen. Combined contracts can mean economies of scale and the option of alternative production methods for example for the rock tunnels.

– Since the formal process is still in progress, the work with the contracts will of course be conditional to the necessary granting of permits and decisions, continues Lillian.

The final date to submit the tender application will be in September 2016. Application can be made via our procurement system CTM from April 2016.