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The Timebubble in March

The planning process used by Major Projects is not always easy to understand. It is a long process in which we need to go through many different stages before reaching the start of the construction phase.

The West Linkis a big project and big projects require a lot of planning. The project is run in line with the statutory planning process. It is a long and complex process, where planning gradually becomes increasingly detailed and many steps need to be reviewed before work can start on the construction site. It is not only the Swedish Transport Administration which is involved in the process. The issue is also dealt with in different ways by the county administrative board, the City of Gothenburg and the Land and Environment Court.

What the process means is not entirely clear. This article in the newsletter is aimed at giving an insight into everyday life and work on the project at the moment, by making random stops at various places in the project organisation.

The Kronotopia art programme

The Transport Administration, Public Art Agency Sweden, Västtrafik, Region Västra Götaland's Cultural Affairs Committee, the City of Gothenburg and Gothenburg Art have jointly developed a wide-ranging art programme for the West Link and the Olskroken grade separation. The art programme, which has the theme "Kronotopia" (time and space) describes a shared vision of the artistic design of stations and the development of the city in the areas around the stations. The whole of the West Link will have a coherent artistic aesthetic that will be based on the city of Gothenburg as a place and an epoch.

Preparatory work in Haga

Before construction starts in 2018 we need to do some preparatory work in the city. In the middle of April we start work with the City of Gothenburg to prepare for moving trees prior to the construction of the West Link station Haga. A total of nine trees will be prepared and of these, six to be prepared for moving. The three remaining trees will be prepared for the protection measures to manage construction of the shafts for station Haga. Construction start for the West Link project is planned at the end of 2017/start of 2018. For the trees to survive a move, they need to be prepared now so that they have enough time to grow and strengthen their root systems.


In January and February we have worked on evaluation and allocation of the ECI contract for the central station and handling the review of the contract that was submitted in week 7. Tender documents are also under preparation for a number of preparatory works such as new switches at Sävenäs, new tracks at the mail terminal and the procurement of client-controlled project insurance.