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The April Time Bubble

The planning process used by Major Projects is not always easy to understand. It is a long process in which we need to go through many different stages before reaching the start of the construction phase.

The West Linkis a big project and big projects require a lot of planning. The project is run in line with the statutory planning process. It is a long and complex process, where planning gradually becomes increasingly detailed and many steps need to be reviewed before work can start on the construction site. It is not only the Swedish Transport Administration which is involved in the process. The issue is also dealt with in different ways by the county administrative board, the City of Gothenburg and the Land and Environment Court.

What the process means is not entirely clear. This article in the newsletter is aimed at giving an insight into everyday life and work on the project at the moment, by making random stops at various places in the project organisation.

Olskroken Grade Separation

The West Link and Grade Separation projects are coordinated as a consequence of their geographical proximity and the similarity of their time schedules. In November 2015, PEAB and its sub-contractors WSP and Infranord were awarded the contract for the Olskroken Grade Separation Project, and in January 2016 the first of the West Link's two ECI contracts was awarded. ECI stands for Early Contractor Involvement and means that the contractor becomes involved in the project at an early stage and is responsible for the detailed design before start of construction. The purpose is to be able to create space for innovation in order to be able to produce the infrastructure/installations as cost effectively as possible. Today, the cooperation project has set up a joint project office in Gamlestaden, where we are currently reviewing and discussing better solutions for optimising the future installations. At the same time, supplementary investigations are being carried out in the field in order to gain deeper knowledge of and insight into the existing preconditions.

FA03 – Utility line re-routings

The preparatory works on Norra Hamngatan, Packhusplatsen and Kruthusgatan are the first of several that are already planned in different parts of the city. It is a question in the first instance of relocating certain utility lines in the ground in order to facilitate the coming work on constructing the actual railway tunnel. The work on Norra Hamngatan will soon be finished and it has been carried out according to plan. In about one to two weeks' time we will start with the relocation of the utility and pipeline corridor outside the Casino, and next in turn will be the works on Bergslagsgatan. We plan to commence with the relocation works on Bergslagsgatan in May.