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Current information about the railway plan

At the moment, we are compiling the appeals that have been received concerning the West Link railway plan. After this, we will pass them on the the government.

The railway plan for the West Link Project was adopted by the Swedish Transport Administration on April 28th this year. After this it was possible to appeale against the plan. A total of 170 appeals have been received and an extension in referral time has been requested for some of them.

– We are now in the process of compiling the appeals that have come in. After this we will forward them to the government who will decide which questions are relevant for consideration during the referral period, including the question of extended referral time, says Bo Lindgren, railway plan coordinator.

Step-by-step – the process for drawing up the railway plan

The railway plan is the document that describes what is to be built, and the effects it will have on the surroundings. The work on producing a railway plan is regulated by legislation. This is what the process for the West Link Project looks like step-by-step:

  • The work on a railway plan is initiated.
  • During the period in which work on the plan is in progress, ongoing consultation is held with the general public, property-owners and concerned authorities.
  • The government makes a decision on permissibility in line with Chapter 17 of the Environment Code. The County Administrative Board approves the Environmental Impact Assessment that forms part of the railway plan.
  • The railway plan is put on review and the general public, property-owners and authorities are given the chance to submit their views.
  • The Swedish Transport Administration deals with the comments that have come up during the course of the review process.
  • The County Administrative Board approves the railway plan.
  • The Swedish Transport Administration adopts the railway plan.
  • The adopted railway plan can be appealed against.
  • The Swedish Transport Administartion compiles any appeals that have been received and submits them to the government (This is where we are now).
  • The government takes a stand on the railway plan.