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This news is older than 6 months

Supplementation of application to the Land and Environment Court

The process of applying for a permit to the Land and Environment Court was initiated in February. Now we are responding to comments from the first round of referrals.

– At the moment we are working on the application based on the requirements set by the authorities and law courts. The supplement will be submitted on in 29 June, says Ulf Edling, lawyer at the Swedish Transport Administration.

After submitting the application in February, the court sent it out on referral to those authorities concerned. At the beginning of May we received the request for supplementation.

We have heard that there are a remarkably large number of comments on the application. Is that true?

– The fact that an examination in this way supplements the investigation work is a normal part of an environmental impact analysis. The West Link is a large project, and there is a lot of material that we have handed over to the courts: nine files in all full of study material. It is then only natural that the courts and the other authorities have a number of questions that they want us to clarify or investigate further. Supplementation requirements do not deviate in any way from the normal situation in environmental impact analyses of this extent, says Ulf Edling.

Step-by-step – this is how the examination process at the Land and Environment Court is conducted

  • The applicant, in this case the Swedish Transport Administartion, submits its application to the Land and Environment Court.
  • The court distributes its application on referral to the authorities concerned and takes a stand on the need for possible additions.
  • The Swedish Transport Administartion is given the opportunity to supplement the investigation (this is where we are now).
  • Once the court judges the procedure to be complete, the application is announced and the authorities and property owners are given the chance to submit their views on the matter.
  • The court compiles views and comments received and gives the Transport Administration the chance to respond to them.
  • The court holds the main negotiations in the case. This means that the matter is taken up in the court together with all the parties concerned.
  • The court makes its ruling, which will contain conditions for the construction of te West Link.