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The June Time Bubble

The planning process used by Major Projects is not always easy to understand. It is a long process in which we need to go through many different stages before reaching the start of the construction phase.

The West Link is a big project and big projects require a lot of planning. The project is run in line with the statutory planning process. It is a long and complex process, where planning gradually becomes increasingly detailed and many steps need to be reviewed before work can start on the construction site. It is not only the Swedish Transport Administration that is involved in the process. The issue is also dealt with in different ways by the County Administrative Board, the City of Gothenburg and the Land and Environment Court.

The process is not obvoius and easy to understan. With this article we want to give an insight into everyday life and work in the project at the moment, by making stops at various places in the project organisation.

Earlier procurement of the Kvarnberget Contract

Due to the construction of the West Link, we need to perform reinforcement work in the Göta Tunnel. As a consequence we need to procure the contract for the Kvarnberget Contract earlier than calculated. The construction work for the West Link and the Olskroken Grade Separation projects will be divided into six main contracts, one of which is Kvarnberget. The procurement of Kvarnberget will be carried out in autumn 2016.

2016-10-01 Prequalification documents published
2016-12-15 Last day for tender application
2017-02-01 Enquiry to be sent to prequalified suppliers
2017-09-01 Final date for tender submission

Big interest shown in the art design of the West Link

The entire West Link Project will have an integrated artistic design stemming from the City of Gothenburg as a place and an era. In order to produce exciting proposals for the design of Central Station, Korsvägen Station and Haga Station, the Swedish Transport Administartion is cooperating with the Public Art Agency in holding an international art competion. And the interest in the first part of the competion has been big! During a period in March and April 2016, artists from all over the world have submitted interest applications. The jury has now started its work and will select six artists to take part in the competition. Announcements to those who have been chosen to take part in the competition will be made in June 2016.

Prequalification – Haga and Korsvägen

During June 2016, intensive work has been in progress on preparations pending the distribution of prequalification documents for the Korsvägen Contract and the production of administrative requirements for Haga and Korsvägen.