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The West Link Project Inspection Programmes

Noise levels, cracks in buildings, the groundwater table and tree relocation are all questions that both engage and concern people.

These, among many other issues, are the kind that we inspect throughout the entire West Link construction project. In six coming issues you will be able to read about our different inspection programmes.

An inspection programme to minimise our impact

It is not possible to build a railway project as large as the West Link without attracting people's attention. We have laws, but at the same time land and environment courts and our environmental impact assessments which impose demands on our construction works. In order to follow the requirements, we draw up inspection plans in cooperation with the County Administrative Board and the City of Gothenburg authorities.

The inspection programmes tell us how we are to monitor and inspect our buildings so that the impact on the environment, including the physical, will be as restricted as possible. This entails, among other things, adapting our working methods and the machinery we use.

We investigate the current situation

We have already started to carry out inspections around the West Link route. We are doing this in order to gather knowledge and gain an understanding of the current situation. With this information we will be able to make comparisons, both during and after the construction stage. By measuring and investigating what things look like today we can calculate, analyse and assess how to build in a safe way. The basic input is used, among other things, to identify the possible need for loss-preventive measures, for example permissible vibration levels, window replacements to reduce noise impact or water purification.

Our different inspection programmes

  • Ground water; ground water table, water leaching into excavations
  • Surrounding disruptions; construction noise, vibrations
  • Surface water; water level, water qualities
  • Flora and fauna; natural environment, fish
  • Air quality; air quality outside the site
  • Cultural environment; ancient and historical remains, buildings of cultural and historical value that are sensitive to vibrations.

Following up on environmental effects and measures to reduce the risk of damage is an important aspect of the work on constructing the West Link. We need to be extra careful with the ancient city of Gothenburg with its ancient remains and cultural attractions. At the end of the construction period, all traces of the construction work will be removed and the green park areas will be restored in line with the wishes of the City of Gothenburg authorities. New inspection programmes prior to operation of the West Link will be drawn up together with the supervisory authorities.