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This news is older than 6 months

We have signed the second ECI Contract

In February 2016, NCC was awarded the Central Station Contract. In accordance with the Public Procurement Act, the decision of the Swedish Transport Administration can be appealed against ten days after the award.

An appeal with reference to consultant challenge

The award was appealed against with reference on consultant challenge. Subcontractors to NCC have in the past assisted the Transport Administration in its work on the railway plan for the West Link Project. A consortium of Hochtief, Veidekke and Implenia chose to appeal against the matter to the Administrative Court and subsequently also to the Administrative Court of Appeal.

The Administrative Court of Appeal followed the Administrative Court

The Administrative Court refused the consortium's application for a retrial. The Administrative Court of Appeal reviewed all the material in the case and did not grant an appeal permit. As a consequence, the ruling of the Administrative Court stands fast, as too does the ruling of the Swedish Transport Administration. The consortium chose not to appeal to the Administrative Supreme Court, and on Tuesday May 24th, it was thus possible for the Swedish Transport Administraion and NCC to enter the West Link's second ECI Contract – for the Central Station.

Shortly we will be starting work on design and planning

ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) is a form of contract that is used in several parts of Europe. In Sweden, it has not yet been used to quite the same extent. ECI means that the contractor enters the contract process at an early stage and is responsible for detailed design prior to construction start-up. The purpose is to create a form of cooperation in which we hope to be able to take advantage of innovation opportunities in order to be able to produce the installations as cost effectively and as efficiently as possible.

The contract for Central Station is divided into two phases. Owing to the appeal that was made, the contract works are behind time schedule. But work will shortly start on Phase 1, which entails planning and design work for the construction stage. Phase 1 will continue for about a year and be completed in June 2017, after which an option can be triggered on Phase 2 which involves construction of the contract works.