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A visit to Copenhagen

A construction barrier can perform several functions. It can reduce noise, prevent the spread of dust and dirt and increase safety around the workplace. A construction barrier can also provide an area for artistic activity.

How do we make the shielding that will be needed around the West Link Project's workplaces a little more fun and functional at the same time? In September, some of our project members visited Copenhagen and its metro extension to get inspiration. The West Link Project will place requirements on how the contractor cordons off our workplaces. With inspiration from places such as Copenhagen, we also work with the City of Gothenburg and other stakeholders regarding the design of these areas.

The construction barriers used in Copenhagen are between two and four metres tall and are built right down to the ground, which prevents the spread of dust and dirt from the construction site into the surroundings. They are also soundproofed on the inside to reduce noise from machines or during drilling, sheet piling or excavation.

To brighten the surroundings while construction is in progress, a lot of work is being done with art on parts of the construction barrier. This art is changed periodically, and the work is mainly done with local artists and schools. Please visit #byenshegn on Instagram or!/ for more information and pictures from their different projects.