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Preparatory work and surveys

With the re-laying of utility lines and other preparatory work, the West Link Project has begun to become increasingly visible around Gothenburg. We also conduct surveys and measurements to obtain the best possible data ahead of construction.

The application for a permit in accordance with the Environmental Code was submitted to the Land and Environment Court in the middle of February. The verdict is expected next summer. But there are already permits for doing some preparation work before the construction of the West Link starts at the turn of the year 2017/2018.

In order for the construction of the West Link to go as smoothly as possible, we need to conduct certain preparatory works prior to the start of construction. Some of these works are more visible than others, such as the re-laying of electricity and water lines that is in progress. The re-laying works at Norra Hamngatan, Packhusplatsen, Kruthusgatan, Bergslagsgatan and Sankt Eriksgatan are examples of several planned or already implemented works around the city.

Besides the re-laying of utility lines, we are carrying out other preparatory work, such as the reinforcement of Kungsgaraget, the City Archives and the Gårda Tunnel, the re-laying of track at Östra Hamngatan, the relocation of Nordstan's loading ramp for goods vehicles and of ramps at the Örgryte junction. During the spring and autumn of 2016, we have also prepared trees in Haga to withstand their relocation.