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View of the area around Gothenburg Central Station. Photo: Rafael Palomo
This news is older than 6 months

In 2016 we will begin the preparatory work to re-route cables

Before the West Link construction we need to do some preparatory work in Gothenburg, for example re-routing cables in the ground. NCC has been awarded the contract for the first stage of the work, which is estimated to start in January 2016.

In order for the construction of the West Link to go as smoothly as possible, we need to conduct certain preparatory works prior to the start of the construction. In the beginning of 2016, we will start the work of re-routing cables in the ground along the stretch of the West Link. The re-routing must be done prior to the construction of the West Link as some cables are currently in the path of the construction. The work will at the most last until the start of the West Link construction in 2018.

Starting in January 2016

It is the contractor NCC who, alongside the construction planner WSP, has been awarded the contract for the first of the two stages of cable re-routing. The first stage is estimated to begin in January 2016, which means that work will be carried out at a number of locations between Olskroken and Residenset by Stora hamnkanalen along the stretch of the West Link (see map below). The initial work is expected to take place in the Partihallarna area, as well as on Kruthusgatan. Apart from these areas, we will also need to move the main lines on Bergslagsgatan, North and South Sjöfarten and the Packhus area. We estimate that the work on the second stage, between Residenset and Almedal, will start later on in 2016.

The work will be noticeable

The re-routing of cables in the ground will be both visible and noticeable. With the help of machinery, we will either push down or dig down cables in the ground. In order to carry out the work we must drill and dig both small and bigger shafts. The cable re-routing will be carried out in one place at a time, which means that we will not work along the entire stretch at the same time.

The work will entail some restrictions for vehicle traffic and may also affect pedestrian and cycle traffic. In some cases, certain traffic lanes may need to periodically be closed off. Apart from this, the affected streets will be kept open and the traffic will be regulated by traffic lights if necessary. Where needed, we will ensure that the construction area is properly signposted and, together with NCC and WSP, we will do our best to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible.

More information will be available on West Link's website when work has begun.