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A machine moves a tree
This news is older than 6 months

Start of tree transplanting

We have started to move trees in preparation for the construction work on the West Link.

The first step was to move approximately 200 trees from the Central Station, Kvarnberget and Korsvägen. Some of the trees have been replanted in other locations in Gothenburg, such as parks. Others have been taken care of in nurseries until they can be moved back into place on completion of the West Link project.

Since 2014, arboriculturists and experts from both the Swedish Transport Administration and the City of Gothenburg have been surveying all the trees affected by the West Link so that they know the health, age and species of each individual tree.

“We’re moving the trees so that we can save them and retain the greenery in the city, and we’re only moving trees that we think will survive being moved,” says Leif Alfredsson, Assistant Project Manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The trees were moved using tried-and-tested methods that have been scientifically accepted. The work was done by contractors from both Sweden and Germany who have considerable experience of moving trees in urban areas.

“Earlier this autumn we did some preparatory work on the ground and the trees to facilitate the transplanting,” added Alfredsson. “But it’s the aftercare that is most important. The trees that are moved will get extra monitoring for about five years, and we will be taking regular measurements of the level of moisture at the roots.”

Transplanting work continue during 2018 and 2019, when trees in Haga will be amongst those to be moved.