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Traffic solutions

When making plans for how the traffic will function during construction of the West Link, we think long-term. There will be a limited number of re-routings, and they shall be perceived as permanent, secure and safe.

Long-term, secure traffic solutions

We are working to ensure optimal traffic accessibility for the duration of the West Link construction project. When we plan for future traffic solutions, we think long-term, and the principle is that the re-routing of traffic shall be minimal with a high standard maintained. These re-routings are to be perceived as safe and secure.

Before we begin our excavation work, we make sure to have a traffic solution in place. Above the excavation where the Haga station will be built we are constructing bridges for pedestrians, cyclists, cars and public transport. When the bridges are in place, the traffic will be gradually redirected over and we will be able to free up space for excavation work. The bridges can basically be built without affecting the through traffic.

"The objective of our traffic solutions is to maintain the same level of accessibility as today. It should be possible to access all areas of Göteborg - schools, workplaces and other visitor destinations such as Liseberg. Quite simply, you should be able to travel in and pass through the city," says Josefin Larking, Traffic Manager within the West Link Project.