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This news is older than 6 months

The winners have been named in the first international art competition

Last spring, 227 artists submitted works in the first stage of the artistic design competition concerning the environments in Olskroken and the Central Station. The jury has now selected two winners: Katharina Grosse and Danh Vo!

The winners will be invited into the project before the plans have been finalised and can therefore influence the design of entire environments. It is rare in large-scale urban transformation projects for artists to have a chance to influence the entire design of the environments together with the architects.

A pink shimmer across Olskroken

Katharina Grosse works as an artist and professor in Germany. Her work with large-scale installations is today considered ground-breaking. With her winning entry bLINK, Grosse wants to create the sensation of a giant spotlight in space beaming pink light towards the earth. In the middle of the light, a giant meteorite seems to have landed on top of the new bridge at Olskroken.

Chinese architecture permeates the Central Station

Danh Vō’swinning submission Tongue and Groove is based on traditional Chinese architecture. A contemporary take on ancient Chinese wooden joints will permeate the Central Station by being integrated into everything from pillars, stairs and floors to handrails, electric fittings and furniture.

The second stage of the competition starts now!

The Transport Administration and Public Art Agency Sweden are holding an international competition in order to find exciting proposals for the artistic design of the Central Station, Korsvägen station, Haga station and the Olskroken plane-separated train environment. The competition concerns the station environments around Haga and Korsvägen in the West Link. Artists who want to apply can do so until 21 February. The jury will then choose eight applicants who will be paid to produce proposals. The jury will then select two winning entries. The budget for artistic design is SEK 7,000,000 per station.