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West Link Project staff - Meet Jessica Ekberg

Workers on the West Link: Here Jessica Ekberg, Project Manager for the West Link’s Central Station stage, tells us about her role in the project.

What is your background, and how did you come to be involved in the West Link Project?

One of the first ECI contracts was signed last year. These contracts mean that the contractor and supplier are brought into the process at an earlier stage. Jessica Ekberg, Tyréns, is the Project Manager for the Central Station stage.

- I helped produce a system document and railway plan for the Central Station part of the West Link back in 2012. Once it was decided that we at Tyréns, along with several other partners that were participating in the previous stage, would be part of NCC's team for the next stage, it seemed natural to accept the role as project manager when asked. My background is in road and water engineering and I have previously worked with coordinating various infrastructure projects, such as Bana Väg and the Verberg tunnel. I have also worked extensively with bridge maintenance.

What does it mean to be Project Manager?

- There are four of us in the project management group and we coordinate eleven different technical areas. Being in charge of planning means ensuring that the work flows along on budget and according to the time schedule, but also setting schedules for upcoming work. It is also about coordinating with other actors and identifying and requesting the need for input, material and information from the Swedish Transport Administration.

- We are currently in phase one. The objective is to produce a target cost, i.e. a construction model which can be priced. This will be done by the summer, and will form the basis of the next phase where construction begins.

What is the biggest challenge of the West Link project from your perspective?

- I would say the coordination between all the parties – our eleven technical areas, other parties who will be involved in the Central Station area, technology and production as well as NCC's other suppliers. There are many different interfaces and we must all together plan a construction model which can be realised.

How will you meet that challenge?

- We do a lot of work with visual planning and meet every week in a "Project studio". Schedules, delivery plans, it all goes on the walls! It is all in paper form, which makes our upcoming work clear and concrete, but also allows us to review. Here, different areas can highlight the need for solutions or decisions in order to move on with their planning and everyone can contribute their knowledge at an early stage.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

- The West Link is a big, complex project that can be viewed from a lot of different perspectives. It involves many different areas and technologies and you are constantly learning new things. Different technological fields, production, planning, architects and artists, it's fun to see all these skilled people work together to realise a plan.

What do you do to relax?

- I like being by the sea. One of my favourite running routes is along a forest path towards the sea. I relax when I am outdoors exercising. Running, cycling and skiing. My eldest son competes in sailing, so I do a lot of travelling around the country to attend various races.