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Advance surveys begin in April

All buildings within 150 metres of the West Link tunnel and the Olskroken grade-separated junction will be surveyed before the start of construction, as well as buildings nearby that have sensitive foundations.

Around 1600 properties are affected and these are the same as those that have been subject to initial surveys. The survey provides information about the building’s current interior and exterior state, as well as that of the cellar. Any existing crack patterns and other damage to the property are being documented and photographed.  

- We are starting now so that we are able to survey all properties prior to the start of construction. It takes about one year to go through the buildings, says Behnam Shahriari, construction technology supervisor for the West Link Projects, Swedish Transport Administration.

How are the surveys conducted?

The surveys are conducted by external independent surveyors who comply with Swedish standards. We will be sending out information before they require access to the property and your home. Our ambition is to gain access to all apartments, provided there is someone at home, and will be suggesting several different times for the survey.  

-The property surveys are beginning at the tunnel mouths and around the shafts and we are then working inwards along the route of the tunnel. We are conducting them in the order that we estimate the construction work will take place, explains Behnam.  

Another survey is then conducted after we have finished the building work that causes vibrations. Intermediate surveys are also conducted when necessary.