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The West Link has passed many milestones

The 1980s. Discussions begin on the need to improve the train system, access to central Gothenburg and capacity. The idea of a rail tunnel under Gothenburg is first raised.

Ideas for a rail tunnel beneath Gothenburg

How can capacity at Gothenburg Central Station be increased in order to expand rail traffic in the region? The results of the discussions held between the City of Gothenburg, local authorities within the Gothenburg region, Västtrafik (then GLAB), Region Västra Götaland and Trafikverket (then the Swedish National Rail Administration) were part of a 1989 study on through-tracking for commuter traffic in Gothenburg.

The aim of this study was to give an overview of the technical possibility of building a rail tunnel. Two alternative main routes were studied, which were virtually identical to the alternatives that later came to be called Haga-Korsvägen and Korsvägen. Ideas for a rail tunnel beneath Gothenburg were examined in greater depth during the 1990s as part of the Centre Tunnel study. At the same time, different types of rail traffic systems – such as personal rapid transit, automated rail transport and various two-track stretches – were also considered.

The 1990s - many studies but few concrete actions

In other words, the 1990s were a time of many studies but few concrete actions. However, rail traffic continued to grow and Gothenburg Central Station reached its capacity limit – resulting in frequent train delays. A concept study was therefore carried out in 2001, involving suggestions for measures of all sizes to solve the capacity problem at Gothenburg Central Station. A number of actions to boost capacity were carried out at the station over the following years. At the same time, the investigation into the long-term rail tunnel solution continued in the form of a preliminary study, a rail study and a rail plan.

Various ideas were examined during the early consultation period of the preliminary study, including moving all or part of Gothenburg Central Station to Olskroken or Gårda. A reinforcement alternative and five expansion alternatives were studied:

  • The reinforcement alternative
  • Korsvägen
  • Haga-Korsvägen
  • Haga-Chalmers
  • Järntorget-Sahlgrenska-Chalmers
  • Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen-Lindholmen-Järntorget-Sahlgrenska-Chalmers

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