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NCC is building the Central Station stage of the West Link Project

(News article from March 1, 2018) The Swedish Transport Administration has signed a continued contract with NCC for the construction of the Central Station stage of the West Link. The contract is worth approximately SEK 4.7 billion.

During the spring of 2016, NCC was assigned to undertake the Central Station stage in the form of ECI (Early Contractor Involvement). ECI means that the contractor gets involved at an early stage and is responsible for the detailed planning before construction starts, in order to produce the construction as cost effectively as possible.

When the detailed planning is completed, the Swedish Transport Administration has the opportunity to activate an option in the contract for the construction of the intermediate stage. The option has now been activated by the Transport Administration and NCC will build the Central Station stage.

"It feels good to now be able to move forward with construction of this intermediate stage, also with NCC as contractor. Today's contract is an important piece of the puzzle for us to be able to start working on this intermediate stage," says Bo Larsson, the Transport Administration's Project Manager for the West Link.

We will continue with preparatory work along the intermediate stage and estimate that the construction of the tunnel elements will begin in the autumn of 2018.

The contract for the Central Station stage is the third of the four construction contracts for the West Link. Now the Kvarnberget stage remains, the contract for which is expected to be signed during the spring of 2018.

The Central Station stage involves a stretch of approximately 1.8 kilometres long and runs from east of the E6 to Östra Hamngatan. The station itself is being built, with four tracks and three entrances, north of Gothenburg's Central Station and adjacent to the Nils Ericson terminal. Except for the part that cuts through Gullberget, the ground along this stretch consists of dirt and mud.