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Train on the railway during the night.
This news is older than 6 months

The Land and Environment Court grants permission for the West Link

(News article dated March 31, 2018) The Land and Environment Court has permitted the construction of the West Link and the Olskroken grade-separated junction.

In light of our application and the main hearing held in October last year, the court has now taken a stand on how the construction affects the surrounding area from an environment perspective according to the Environmental Code, and has determined conditions for the implementation of the projects thereafter.

The ruling contains, inter alia, conditions for how to measure and check groundwater levels, what noise levels shall apply, and conditions for vibrations and water spillage.

We have been granted permission with conditions, but not enforcement*, which means that we cannot begin construction of the parts that require a permit before the ruling has gained legal force. Delays are likely. Currently, we cannot estimate the extent of these delay, since we ourselves do not solely control the situation. This is governed foremost by the legal process.

We are now analysing the ruling in detail in order to decide how to proceed. All parties have three weeks to appeal the decision.

"I am pleased by the authorisation and proud of the great work my colleagues have done during this process," says Project Manager Bo Larsson. "At the same time, it is troublesome that we have not obtained an enforcement decision."

The permits apply on the condition that Gothenburg Municipality's detailed development plans gain legal force.

*Enforcement means that one may begin construction "at one's own risk" even if the ruling is appealed to a higher judicial authority and thereby has not gained legal force.

Background permission

Permissibility according to the Environmental Code
Application was received by the government in November 2012 and was approved in June 2014.

Railway plan
The railway plan gained legal force on 22 June of last year. It gives the Swedish Transport Administration the right to the land required in order to build the West Link and is also a technical description of the facility. In the railway plan, an environmental impact assessment is also included.