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Illustration: Metro Arkitekter

Procurement – The West Link Project

The procurements of construction contracts for the West Link Project. Five of the contracts are based on a geographical division of the route. In addition there will be an overall contract for rail, electronics, signaling system and telecom works (BEST).

The West Link Project and Olskroken grade-separated junction are part of the West Swedish Package – an infrastructure initiative consisting of roads and railways in Sweden funded through joint investment by the region and central government. The West Link is an approximately 8 km double-track railway, of which just over 6 km will be constructed in a tunnel through central Gothenburg. Three new stations will be built in the city at Gothenburg Central Station, Haga and Korsvägen. Five of the contracts, Olskroken, Centralen, Kvarnberget, Haga and Korsvägen, are based on a geographical division of the route. In addition there will be an overall contract for the works called "BEST", which in Swedish stands for rail, electronics, signaling system and telecommunication.

BEST Works Contract

The BEST contract consists of extensive work on tracks, electricity, signals and telecommunications (‘BEST’ is the Swedish acronym for these items), including a 22 kW power supply facility for the tunnel, a radio installation and some low-voltage installations. Entreprenad BEST comprises work along the project’s entire 8 km length, including work in a tunnel around 6 km long and extensive related work in Almedal. Entreprenad BEST is planned to take place between 2022 and 2026. The tunnel will be prepared for the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) signalling system. This will be installed in 2026.

We are using the Swedish Transport Administration’s TransQ prequalification system. Invitations to tender will then be sent out via the Swedish Transport Administration’s procurement system.

Preliminary timetable BEST Works Contract

September 15, 2021: Tender enquiry documents distributed
March 15, 2022: Last day to submit a tender

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