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Alnarp Interchange, E6/E20

The Alnarp Interchange, situated immediately south of Åkarp, will require extensive works. When the railway is lowered and the track area is widened to accommodate the four tracks, the motorway bridge will have to be converted.

During the work on the bridge, the motorway will be closed for short periods of time and the traffic diverted on to other roads in the area. Access roads to and from the motorway will also be affected during the construction period. During the project, temporary rail tracks will bypass the interchange in order to maintain traffic on the stretch during the entire construction period. This will have an impact on speed for both rail and road traffic.

The new motorway bridge will be built in three parts: one bridge for the temporary tracks, one for the four new tracks and one bridge over the exit ramp. The exact design has not yet been decided. The project will provide a future contractor with a certain amount of design freedom.