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Train stop Malmö-Lund in August/September 2021

Plan for the train stop between Malmö and Lund August 28 - September 6. Skånetrafiken’s replacement buses will operate the route, but the journey will take longer.

Trafikverket is upgrading the railway between Malmö and Lund, from two tracks to four. This increases the capacity, reduces the risk of disturbances and improves the environment.

Why a total train stop?

Between August 28 and September 6, two new railway bridges will be launched into the embankment at the upcoming station in Klostergården. During the work, railway traffic between Malmö and Lund will be stopped.

This means that it will take longer for you to travel between Malmö and Lund. Replacement buses will ensure that you can still travel if you need to. If you can avoid travel during the train stop, or during rush hours, you avoid being affected by the train stop.

Plan for the stop

The closure will have an effect for many – the public, businesses and industry – both directly and indirectly. We therefore encourage all concerned to plan ahead for the interruption of train services and prepare for a challenging week. Up-to-date travel information is available at or with your travel operator.

More trains, fewer disruptions and improved environment

The Southern Main Line between Malmö and Lund is southern Sweden’s most heavily trafficked stretch, used at maximum capacity. Every day, nearly 60,000 people travel on this stretch, and thousands of tonnes of cargo pass it heading north in Sweden, or south towards the continent.


All rail traffic will be stopped between Malmö and Lund from 22 August at 23:00 until 28 August. Follow the work on the Four Tracks and read up-to-date information about the train stop at: (In swedish)