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The first stage in becoming a supplier to Trafikverket is to keep updated on the procurements that are currently being carried out and which ones are being planned in the area your company operates.

By law Trafikverket must advertise its procurements in a publicly accessible database. The advertised procurements can also be found on our website. You can find this under 'Current procurements' in the menu. We use the prequalification system TransQ for some of our procurements. These procurements are generally not advertised. You can find more information about the prequalification system in the left menu.

When you submit a tender to Trafikverket you have to show that your company manages its accounts and pays taxes and fees.

Trafikverket is an authority and by law must endeavour to procure goods, services and contracts in competition. We have to follow the Public Procurement Act (LOU) and the Act on Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors (LUF). These acts are based on EU Procurement Directives. A number of fundamental EU principles therefore have to be observed when carrying out every public procurement in the EU. It means that we have to treat all suppliers in a similar and non-discriminatory way. We also have to carry out our procurements in an open way.

See planned procurements in the procurement plan

Please find the current procurements in the procurement plan below. It is updated monthly.

Read more about the procurements in Trafikverket here