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Project design of the section between Umeå and Skellefteå is in progress, and construction on the Umeå-Dåva section is slated to start in 2018. Preparatory work such as inventories, land studies and surveying is underway.

In the corridor that has been established for the North Bothnia Line, detailed planning of where the railway will run is ongoing. Railway plans are also being drawn up for the Umeå-Skellefteå section.

Project design has reached farthest on the first 10 km of the Umeå-Dåva section, with a proposed course of the railway in place. Stakeholders including the general public were invited to a public consultation regarding this on 6 December in Umeå.

Procurement of project design consultants for the Dåva-Skellefteå section is ongoing, and during the spring and summer of 2017 selected consultancies will begin land studies and surveying of this area as well.