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Vislanda-Ballingslöv, track renewal

Between April 22 and June 27, the Swedish Transport Administration is renewing the track between Vislanda and Ballingslöv in order to increase operational resistance and reduce the need for maintenance.

During the construction period, only one track will be open between Vislanda and Ballingslöv station. This will entail changes in train service.

How will this affect you?

Traveller: Changes in train service. Most Krösatåg on the affected sections will be replaced with buses running between all intermediate stations. The Öresund trains will run according to the regular timetable. Travel times may be longer during the period the work is in progress. Certain departure times will therefore be changed. You can find more information about your journey here:

Kronoberg Länstrafik: Search for your journey in the Länstrafiken Kronoberg travel app or on (external web page)

Skånetrafiken: Search for your journey in the Skånetrafiken app or on (external web page)

Residents: Since we will be shutting down the track for as short a time as possible and working efficiently, we will be working around the clock. This could involve a certain amount of noise for you living near the railway. During this period, we will also be replacing the road surfacing at two junctions in Diö and Eneryda. As a traveller, this could affect you.

Plan on your journey taking longer than normal, and start your journey in good time. We are working for accessibility and your safety. Thank you for your consideration!

What will we be doing?

The section we are replacing is approximately 70 kilometers, and the track renewal is one of the largest in Sweden. Through this maintenance, we are extending the lifetime of the railway. What we will be doing is replacing rails and sleepers, and screening (wash) the macadam. This means:

  • We are replacing rails and sleepers to increase the operational resistance of the railway and to minimize the need for maintenance. The sleepers hold up the rails and ensure that we get the correct distance between them.
  • Macadam is crushed stone that forms the bedding of the track. We are screening it to remove fine material such as sand and soil. By removing the fine material, we are protecting the track from freezing up, which can produce changes in height and faults in the track.

The Southern Main Line is an important part of Sweden’s rail network, since it is heavily travelled by both passenger and freight traffic. Maintenance of the line is therefore important.

Want to see a movie about track renewal? Click here to watch a short movie our entrepreneurs have produced: Movie about track renewal (external web page)