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Marieholm Connection Project

The Marieholm Connection consists of the Partihall Intersection, Marieholm Tunnel and South Marieholm Bridge. The tunnel and the railway bridge across the Göta Älv improve communications between the Port of Gothenburg and the industries of Hisingen.

The Gothenburg region has more than half a million inhabitants in its urban area and approximately one million in Greater Gothenburg. 70 per cent of the Scandinavia's total industrial capacity is located within a 500-kilometre radius. The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic region, with approximately 11,000 vessels calling at the port every year. Gothenburg is one of the fastest growing regions in Northern Europe. The city urgently needs new river crossings since the current crossings are vulnerable and overloaded. In addition, the amount of rail freight is steadily increasing.

The South Marieholm Bridge

The South Marieholm Bridge is a railway bridge that will cross the Göta Älv close to the existing Marieholm Bridge, which today is the only rail link across the river. The new bridge aims to reduce the vulnerability of rail links across the Göta Älv, increase the capacity of the railway to the Port of Gothenburg, and to improve passenger traffic at the Bohus Line as well as pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Why are we building the South Marieholm Bridge? Today, Gothenburg has only one single-track bridge for rail traffic across the Göta Älv River. This bridge carries all traffic bound for the Port of Gothenburg. Any disruption here brings great harm to industry and port activities. A new bridge will strengthen the robustness of the system. With the South Marieholm Bridge, there will be two railway tracks across the Göta Älv.

How we're building The existing Marieholm Bridge is a type of moveable bridge called a lift-swing bridge. The South Marieholm Bridge will be constructed according to the same principle and will be placed south of the existing one, as close to it as technically possible. Just like the current bridge, the South Marieholm Bridge will have a pedestrian and bicycle lane. This will also extend across the E45, improving accessibility for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.