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Norra länken

Norra länken stretches between Tomteboda and Värtan and connects to the E4 towards Uppsala at Norrtull and Roslagsvägen at Frescati. It is one of northern Europe’s largest road tunnel project.


Norra länken is 5 km long in total, of which 4 km is in tunnels.


We are building Norra länken in cooperation with the City of Stockholm.


To solve traffic problems in the region and to gain a better environment in the inner city. Norra länken is needed to develop the new city districts of Hagastaden and Norra Djurgårdsstaden.

Opening dates:

The 30th of November 2014: the section between Norrtull - Frescati - Värtan opened. Spring 2015: the southbound section between Norrtull and Tomteboda opened. Spring 2016: the northbound section between Tomteboda and Norrtull opened. 2019: the Värtabanan tunnel opens.