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The Stockholm bypass land aquisition plan acquires legal force

The Swedish government has tried and now established the Stockholm bypass land aquisition plan which thereby becomes final. The land aquisition plan provides Trafikverket with the land rights of the right of way.

- It is an important decision taken by the government. The implementation of the Stockholm bypass is now taking a decisive step forward, says Trafikverket’s Director General Gunnar Malm. The land aquisition plan was appealed to the government in late 2013, after it had already been decided upon by Trafikverket as well as reviewed by Länsstyrelsen (the County Administrative Board).

- The land aquisition plan has been underway since 2006. We now look forward to go ahead with construction at full speed, says project manager Johan Brantmark .

During autumn main hearings are planned to be held the Land and Environment Court concerning environmental judgements applied for by the project. These concern permission to divert groundwater and to build three temporary jetties, one at Sätra and two on the island of Lovö. Approximately half of the rock masses accumulated during construction will be transported via these jetties in order to relieve the road network of heavy transport.

The Land and Environment Court has also started the review procedure of the detailed plans for the city of Stockholm and Huddinge municipality which relate to Stockholm bypass. Thirteen detailed plans have been appealed, whereof the Court has rejected the first one.

The Stockholm bypass received the government's admissibility in 2009.