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This news is older than 6 months

The project director on the situation, November:

As you have all probably heard, the Government decided recently to stop all work on The Stockholm bypass, Förbifart Stockholm, until 1 May 2015.

The reason to the Governments decison to stop the production is to give the City of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council the opportunity to renegotiate the contract that concerns the financing for the project.

We naturally respect the Government's decision and will act accordingly. The stoppage means that we have stopped the works that were started out in the field, for example a number of pipe relaying works. We will not begin to establish and prepare workplaces that were previously planned. During this period, we will not issue any new procurements or write any contracts either.

Interrupting such a large project naturally has consequences. According to our preliminary assessment, the interruption will cost SEK 170-260 million and will extend the construction period by 10-12 months. Consequently, it is important for us to make this break as cost-efficient and time-efficient as possible.

Some works that have already been started are cheaper to complete than to interrupt. Therefore, we will, for example, continue with the noise protection measures started in Akalla and with the planning and production of the pedestrian and cycle link to be built over the E4 in Kungens Kurva. We also have a number of other plans that are almost finished and we will complete the documents. Consequently, we will also be ready to issue a large number of procurements to the market when the Government has decided to unfreeze the project.

Measurements and inspections of the groundwater conditions will also continue as the work is directly linked to the ongoing permission processes in the Environmental Court. We also have a number of partnerships with the municipalities surrounding Stockholm in the project, for example the relaying of a large water pipe in Skärholmen, which will be completed.

We will also, of course, continue the dialogue with everyone concerned and publish news. So you will continue to get news about the development of Förbifart Stockholm.

Johan Brantmark, project director

The contract made in 2009 between the Stockholm County Administrative Board, Stockholm County Council, the City of Stockholm, the Association of Local Authorities in Stockholm and the Swedish Transport Administration determined the financing of the infrastructure works for a total of approximately SEK 100 billion. This was based on the 'Stockholm negotiations' of 2007, which describe the projects involved. This initiative included Förbifart Stockholm. This is the contract that the Government has now opened up for renegotiation in relation to the financing of Förbifart Stockholm and in connection with this it has decided to put the project on hold.