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The Project Manager on the situation, February

The suspension has now been reversed since 1 January 2015 and we are resuming production and are beginning an extensive period of procurement.

In October 2014, the Government decided to suspend work on the Stockholm Bypass until 1 May 2015. The aim of the suspension was to give the City of Stockholm, Stockholm County Council and other parties the opportunity to renegotiate the contract for the project's financing, which was drawn up in 2009. Following this decision, we stopped all ongoing work in the field. We broke off the preparations for future areas of work and all procurement work.

The suspension has now been reversed since 1 January 2015 and we are beginning an extensive period of procurement. We are continuing with our procurements, starting with two rock tunnel contracts on Lovön. The two large rock tunnels will be two of the Stockholm Bypass's biggest contracts. We will announce the procurement in April. In the spring, a much smaller project, an access tunnel in Akalla, and contracts for the Akalla and Häggvik interchanges will also be put on the market. In the autumn, it will be time for the procurement for a large bridge and trough by Hjulsta interchange. At the end of the year, another two contracts will be put on the market, a large rock tunnel in Skärholmen and a rock tunnel in Lunda.

These are the large procurements planned for 2015. During this year and next year, we will invite tenders worth 1.8 billion euro. We estimate that there will be contracts worth a total of 2.4 billion euro, in 2009 monetary value, for the entire Stockholm Bypass.

The projects mentioned above are therefore only part of those that will be awarded. For more specific information on future procurements, please see the new timetable published recently here on the website of the Swedish Transport Administration.

Our tender documents are centred around our digital models, continuing the BIM work. We know that BIM (Building Information Model) entails some new working methods for many of us. We also know that some contractors see it as a big change to have to obtain information this way. However, BIM involves a process of learning and efficiency enhancement that will move both us and our sector forwards. We do everything we can to meet the requirements contractors make of us and we promise to be an open, committed, constructive and clear client.

There is great interest in the Stockholm Bypass. We look forward to working with all of you who are and who will be our partners in the project.