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This news is older than 6 months

The rock tunnel contracts of Lovön were appealed once again

The re-evaluation of the tender which resulted in the Italian Consortium JV Vianini CMC once again were awarded the two rock tunnel contracts of Lovö has been appealed against to the Administrative Court in Falun.

Contracts can therefore not be signed with a contractor until the Court process is finished.


The rock tunnel contracts for the North and South of Lovö, FSE 302 and FSE 308, was awarded to the Italian Consortium JV Vianini CMC on 13th of January. The award was appealed to the Administrative Court on the grounds that the selected contractor didn´t show enough proof that they have the capacity required to qualify.

The Swedish Transport Administration then decided to withdraw the award, request certain clarifications and made a re-evaluation of the received tenders. The Swedish Transport Administration once again awarded JV Vianini CMC the two rock tunnel contracts. It is this new award which is now being appealed.

The contracts include the construction of two access tunnels, two temporary jetties, ramptunnels and main tunnels under Lovön, the middle part of the Stockholm Bypass. The building period is about six years. The total contract value of the works is estimated at just under 4 billion SEK.