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Schedule for The Stockholm bypass project

Preparatory works is ongoing. Construction for the first main contract starts in 2015. The construction period is estimated to be approximately 10 years.

Feasibility study (completed)

A feasibility study of north-south links was conducted in 2001.

Preliminary design plan (completed)

The preliminary design plan and associated environmental impact assessment were presented in 2005. Following a review of the comments submitted, the Swedish Road Administration (today the Swedish Transport Administration) recommended the Stockholm bypass in late 2006.

Consideration of permissibility (completed)

After a further round of consultations in 2007, the Swedish Road Administration submitted a report to the Government in 2008 regarding consideration of permissibility. According to the Environmental Code and Road Law, the Government must examine the permissibility of new motorways, express roads and other major roads.

In September 2009 the government decided to give the motorway project the go-ahead.

Land aquisition plan (completed)

The land aquisition plan contains detailed layout drawings of the road stretch, the areas of land which will be needed and the properties adjacent to these boundaries.

The land aquisition plan also describes the additional areas which will be needed during the construction period, access roads, etc. The plan will also contain an environmental impact assessment.

Prior to drawing up the land aquisition plan, the relevant landowners and public authorities will get an opportunity to express their views. After this, the final design plan and environmental impact assessment will be released to the general public.

The Stockholm bypass land aquisition plan acquired legal force in the spring of 2014.

Measurement work and geotechnical studies started in the autumn of 2007 to form a basis for the construction schedule. This work continues to a varying extent.

Construction documents (started) 

The construction documents contain the technical documentation required for building the road; for example permits and licenses, risk analyses, inspections and surveying. It also includes detailed plans for how the construction work is to take place, how disruptions are to be minimized, which transport routes will be required, etc.


The preparatory works have started. The construction work for the first main contracts is planned to start in 2015. The construction period is estimated to approximately 10 years.