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Väg- och järnvägsbro över kanalen i Södertälje

Södertälje lock and canal

The Swedish Transport Administration is finishing the reconstruction of Södertälje lock and canal in collaboration with the Swedish Maritime Administration.

The rebuilding of the lock, canal and others measures in Lake Mälaren's fairway are important activities in the shift towards more sustainable and efficient freight transport.

The project will improve the accessibility for longer and wider ships through Södertälje lock and canal and further through Lake Mälaren to the ports of Västerås and Köping. When larger vessels can use the fairway, it is possible to move transportation from the road network, which is part of the goal to shift more goods from roads to rail and at sea.

It is also a large project in the town of Södertälje that affects urban development. When the reconstruction is complete, new walkways and paths along the canal will also have been built.