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Deviations from General conditions

Trafikverket uses standard contracts that have been drawn up by the Construction Contract Committee (Byggandets Kontraktskommitté), BKK. The Transport Administration considers it to be important for the documents to be used with as possible.

In certain cases, however, the Swedish Transport Administration makes deviations from fixed conditions in standard contracts. These deviations are a consequence of the unique nature of the activities that are conducted by the Transport Administration and the specific nature of our assignments. Deviations are in other words made to a limited extent and shall always be well motivated.

When tenders are to be submitted, the tenderer must always have access to and be acquainted with a comprehensive set of Tender Enquiry Documents and all Contract Documents in order to be fully informed of the contract conditions and what deviations are allowed to be made from the fixed conditions of the standard contracts that are applicable for the individual procurement in question.

Deviations in the case of Contracts AB04, ABT06 and ABK09 are listed in the Administrative Requirements, see further information under Procurement Documents in the menu.