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Contracts for suppliers

Trafikverket's contract work procurements refer to contracts that Trafikverket (the former Swedish Rail Administration) has signed.

These include dealing with wooden sleepers that are not suitable for the tracks and material supply through Trafikverket's Material Service Division.
These contracts are the documents used for the contract work being procured.

Frame contracts for wooden sleepers unsuitable for tracks

Trafikverket's enquiry documentation (AFC/AFD.159 Salvaged Material) refers to the contracts for dealing with wooden sleepers that are not suitable for tracks.

Material supply

In Trafikverkt's railway projects, the buyer normally offers a solution whereby Trafikverket's Material Service Division supplies the specific railway material. The contractors order from Material Service and Material Service supplies the ordered material to the contractors. This is regulated in the contract work contract (AFC/AFD.15 Goods).

Assortment Schedule of Technically Approved Material (pdf file, 196 kB, opens in a new windos)

Terms of Delivery for Material via Materialservice (Word-file, 23 kB, opens a new window)