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Change to the new ID06 card – now!

22 January 2020 the old ID06 cards will stop working. Contractors with employees without the new ID06 card will not be able to work at Trafikverket’s construction sites.

The new, safer ID06 card, which has been ready to use since October 2018, is an important tool to establish a fair competition in the construction industry. With the new card, ID06 controls that individuals at Trafikverket’s construction sites belong to a social security system and pay taxes. Through the ID06 system, the chain of subcontractors is also possible to monitor.

We are running out if time – contact your ID06 partner

To avoid the risk of having staff with no access to construction sites, you need to contact your ID06 partner as soon as possible. Almost 100 000 of the old ID06 cards remains and it will not be feasible to wait until year-end to make the switch. You will find more information on