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Staff registers in construction industry

Here you can read about what Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, has decided in terms of the management of electronic staff registers and application of the new act which took effect on 1 January 2016.

Trafikverket welcomes the new act regarding electronic staff registers. It is an important part of the efforts to combat illegal work and promote healthier competition in the construction industry.

Trafikverket's position regarding the Act

The legislation allows developers such as us to transfer our responsibilities in their entirety to contractors, which Trafikverket has decided to do. We do this by setting requirements in our procurements. This means that in addition to the direct legal requirements which apply to contractors (including entering information into the staff register), the contractors must report any construction to the Tax Agency, obtain technical equipment for management of the staff register, etc.

How do we transfer the developer's responsibilities to the contractor?

For future procurements, this is already written into our contract templates. Contracts which commenced at the turn of the year and which are due for final inspection no later than 30/06/2016 are not affected (according to the Tax Agency's transitional provision). In other contracts, negotiations will take place as soon as possible with individual contractors.

Requirements for ID06

Based on the new tax legislation as well as on work environment and work safety grounds, Trafikverket has decided that ID06 shall be used at all construction sites commissioned by Trafikverket in accordance with "ID06 – Allmänna bestämmelser om legitimationsplikt och närvaroregistrering" (General regulations regarding identification procedures and attendance reporting). This requirement applies to contractors and others active at the construction site, such as consultants and Trafikverket's own staff.