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Work on the road, basic skills

Welcome to the Swedish Transport Administration e-learning course Road Work - basic. The course is free and available at all hours.

Once you have completed the course, you can do a final test and print out a certificate. The course takes about 80 minutes.

Who is this course for?

The training is aimed at anyone working on or at a road construction site. Part of the training also works purely informative for other populations such as; road users, professionals.

Why should I do the training?

The purpose is to let you know how a road work looks like and why, you will also get an understanding about the risks of the road work. The course also addresses the different roles, responsibilities and obligations between people involved I road works such as employers and employees, clients and providers.

To you who are an employer

The course is basic and may be sufficient for simple task or assignments on an already established road construction site with safety devices according to the approved Traffic arrangement plan (TA plan). To establish and or disestablishment of a roadwork site with course as the sole competence is not enough according to the Swedish Transport Administration is not enough. It is always the employer has the final and formal responsibility all in according to the Environment Act.

You as an employer should always inform your employees of any internal rules, policies and local regulations for each workplace.

Sign, copy and file the certificate. It is part of the documentation that may be requested by inspectors and work Environment authority.

The course can be conducted in a group but to get a personalized certificate should each participant should do the final test individually be the final test conducted in private.