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Thank you for participating in the conference

Vision Zero Conference is organised by Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) and Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency).

Anna Johansson (Photo: Kristian Pohl, Regeringskansliet), Lena Erixon and Jonas Bjelfvenstam (Photo: VTI)
From left to right: Anna Johansson, former Minister for Infrastructure, Lena Erixon, Director-General Trafikverket and Jonas Bjelfvenstam, Acting Director-General Transportstyrelsen.

Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation is responsible for matters relating to housing and urban development, state-owned enterprises, information technology, enterprise and industrial policy, rural affairs, regional growth, post issues and infrastructure.

Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration)

Trafikverket is responsible for the long-term planning of the transport system for road, rail, shipping and aviation. Our task is to develop an efficient and sustainable transport system from a perspective that encompasses all modes of transport. We work with long-term infrastructure planning in close dialogue with regions and municipalities. We are also responsible for building, operating and maintaining state roads and railways. In addition, we are responsible for ensuring that this infrastructure is used effectively and that it promotes safe and environmentally sound transportation.

Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency)

Transportstyrelsen is working to achieve good accessibility, high quality, secure and environmentally aware rail, air, sea and road transport. We have overall responsibility for drawing up regulations and ensuring that authorities, companies, organisations and citizens abide by them.