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Download the presentations from all the speakers during Vision Zero Conference 2017. They are in alphabetical order, see list below.

Claudia Adriazola, Director, Health and Road Safety, WRI Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities (pdf, 4586 kB)

Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, Volvo Cars (pdf, 3125 kB)

Laura Ballesteros, Undersecretary of Planning, Secretariat of Mobility of Mexico City (pdf, 3,7 MB)

Rohit Baluja, President Institute of Road Traffic Education, Director College of Traffic Management (pdf, 6065 kB)

Naomi Baster, Principal Strategy Planner Road Safety, Transport for London (pdf, 1357 kB)

Matts-Åke Belin, Senior Advisor, Trafikverket (pdf, 759 kB)

Ylva Berg, Senior Advisor, Trafikverket (pdf, 852 kB)

Ola Boström, Vice President, Autoliv Research (pdf, 1158 kB)

Iain Cameron, Chair, OECD/ITF Working Group on Safe System Implementation (pdf, 463 kB)

Azra Habibovic, Senior Researcher, RISE Viktoria (pdf, 2,1 MB)

Peter van der Knaap, Managing-Director of SWOV, the national Institute for Road Safety Research in The Netherlands (pdf, 2215 kB)

Maria Krafft, Director of Traffic Safety and Sustainability, Trafikverket (pdf, 861 kB)

Peter Larsson, Senior Advisor, Road Safety, Transportstyrelsen day 1 (pdf, 202 kB)

Peter Larsson, Senior Advisor, Transportstyrelsen day 2(pdf, 416 kB)

Anders Lie, Specialist, Trafikverket (pdf, 1707 kB)

Sixten Nolén, Senior Advisor, Human Factors, Transportstyrelsen (pdf, 1675 kB)

Rob McInerney, Chief Executive Officer, International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) (pdf, 2044kB)

Guro Ranes, Director of Road Traffic Safety, Norwegian Public Roads Administration (pdf, 1941 kB)

Jaye Robinson, Councillor, Toronto City (pdf, 4,8 MB)

Leah Shahum, Director of the Vision Zero Network, US Vision Zero Network (pdf, 2,8 MB)

Helena Stigson, Senior Researcher, Folksam Insurance Group (pdf, 2445 kB)

Claes Tingvall, Senior Consultant, ÅF and Monash University (pdf, 1721 kB)

David Ward, Secretary-General, Global NCAP (pdf, 1531kB)