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Sunset in Stockholm.

Program Vision Zero Conference

Welcome to the Vision Zero Conference 2017 in Stockholm. The aim of the conference is to provide new impetus to the promotion of road transport safety at the strategic level. The main focus is on best practice, innovation and future challenges.

Vision Zero Conference is organised by Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) and Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency). The conference will be held at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm.

Dress code: Casual.

Program Wednesday 14th of June
09.00 Registration
10.00 Opening Ceremony 
    Anna Johansson, Swedish Minister for Infrastructure
Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport & Highways, India
Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General DG Move
Etienne Krug, Director, Department for Management of Non-communicable Diseases, Disability, Violence and Injury Prevention, World Health Organisation (WHO)
Lena Erixon, Director-General, Trafikverket
Jonas Bjelfvenstam, Acting Director-General, Transportstyrelsen
11.00 Session 1: Vision Zero around the World/UN's Sustainable Development Goals
  Introduction - State of the art Matts-Åke Belin, Senior Advisor, Trafikverket
  Vision Zero in a megacity, the México City experience Laura Ballesteros, Undersecretary of Planning, Secretariat of Mobility of Mexico City
  Powered Two Wheeler
Safety issue in South East Asia
Rohit Baluja, President Institute of Road Traffic Education, Director College of Traffic Management
11.50 Short Break  
12.00 Session 2: 20 years with Vision Zero
  Vision Zero – The Basics Anders Lie, Specialist, Trafikverket
  Analytical Approaches in Vision Zero Peter Larsson, Senior Advisor, Road Safety, Transportstyrelsen
  Management by Objectives in the Perspective of Vision Zero  Ylva Berg, Senior Advisor, Trafikverket 
13.00 Lunch  
14.00 Session 2: 20 years with Vision Zero 
  Model for Safe Road Traffic  Helena Stigson, Senior Researcher, Folksam Insurance Group 
  Vision Zero in EU – The Political Journey  Ewa Hedkvist Petersen, former Member of European Parliament 

Vision Zero – A Global Project

Iain Cameron, Chair, OECD/ITF Working Group on Safe System Implementation
14.45 Coffee break 
15.15 Session 2: 20 years with Vision Zero, continuation

Experience with Sustainable Safety from the Netherlands – Vulnerable Road Users

Peter van der Knaap, Managing-Director of SWOV, the national Institute for Road Safety Research in The Netherlands
  Vision Zero in an Urban Perspective in the US  Leah Shahum, Director of the Vision Zero Network, US Vision Zero Network 
  The Role of Infrastructure in a Global Context Rob McInerney, Chief Executive Officer, International Road Assessment Program (iRAP)
  The Role of Vehicles Today and Tomorrow  David Ward, Secretary-General, Global NCAP
16.30 Summary of day 1
17.30 Transportation to Winterviken
18.30 Dinner at Winterviken
21.30 Transportation back to Clarion Sign Hotel
Winterviken, where the dinner will be held.
Program Thursday 15th of June
09.30 Opening Day 2  
    Jean Todt, United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Road Safety
  Cars in Tomorrow's Transport System Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, Volvo Cars
10.15 Short break  
10.30 Session 3: Livable Cities
  Vision Zero in Tomorrow's Transport System Maria Krafft, Director of Traffic Safety and Sustainability, Trafikverket
  Vision Zero in City Development Claudia Adriazola, Director, Health and Road Safety, WRI Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities
  Closer Together - This is the Future of Cities Alexander Ståhle, Researcher, School of Architecture KTH and CEO, Spacescape
  Vision Zero in Toronto Jaye Robinson, Councillor, Toronto City
  Rapidly Developing Cities – The Role of Safety Winnie Mitullah, Director of the Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya
12.00 Lunch  
13.00 Session 4: New Technology and Innovation 
  The Role of Innovation  Claes Tingvall, Senior Consultant, ÅF and Monash University
  Safe Infrastructure  Guro Ranes, Director of Road Traffic Safety, Norwegian Public Roads Administration 
  Managing Impaired Driving  Ola Boström, Vice President, Autoliv Research 
  A Smart Transport System Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd, Chairman, Drive Sweden
  Rethinking Regulation in Light of Disruptive Technologies Azra Habibovic, Senior Researcher, RISE Viktoria
14.30 Short break  
14.35 Session 5: Role of Humans and Organisations from a Vision Zero perspective
  Introduction Peter Larsson, Senior Advisor, Transportstyrelsen
  ISO 39001 – a Tool for Organisations Shaw Voon Wong, Director-General Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) Ministry of Transport Malaysia
  Vision Zero in Public Organisations Naomi Baster, Principal Strategy Planner Road Safety, Transport for London
  Humans in Complex Systems Sixten Nolén, Senior Advisor, Human Factors, Transportstyrelsen
15.45 Summary of Day 2  (ends at 16.00)