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Information regarding the future procurement of contract for Tunnel Lovö

The Swedish Transport Administration invite Contractors to an information meeting regarding the procurement of tunnelling contract FSE305 for the Stockholm Bypass (former FSE302 and FSE308) on Thursday the 9th of May from 09.00 to 11.00.

The Swedish Transport Administration has terminated the contracts FSE302 and FSE308 within the Stockholm Bypass. The contracts, which are located on Lovö, includes rock tunnelling as well as road and concrete works.

The remaining tunnelling is approximated to 2,500,000 m3, at a length of 18,000m. The tunnels are to be lined with a vault construction. Construction of operational areas and air shafts are included in the works. The work that has been completed to date comprises mainly of site establishment as well as preparation of installations and rock work for limited parts of access, ramp and main tunnels.

Procurement of new Contractor for FSE305

The Swedish Transport Administration are planning a new tendering process in order to complete the works. The aim of the tendering process is to procure a Contractor in accordance with The Swedish Transport Administration standard contract type TRV E5. A more precise scope for these works is under review. The coming works will be carried out within the framework of a construction contract, with a limited Contractor-led design for the concrete works. The Contractor will be reimbursed monthly (progress billing) with the possibility of bonus payments. The Swedish Transport Administration will apply its highest level of "Samverkan" (Cooperation) for these contracts.

The Swedish Transport Administration aim to re-start safety works on-site, as well as limited tunnelling during the procurement process with a temporary contractor. The Swedish Transport Administration intends to provide resources in the form of site establishment, a limited amount of equipment for rock excavation as well as handling of crushed rock from both sites.

The procurement is performed with LOU (Public Procurement Act) open procedure, with qualifing requirements and an evaluation based on price (contractor fee) and quality parameters (value added). The Swedish Transport Administration intend to publish the request for tender during June 2019, with a latest date for submission of tenders in September 2019. The Swedish Transport Administration intends to sign the contracts late 2019 or in the beginning of 2020.

Questions regarding the procurement process

Questions regarding the procurement process should be sent to Christofer Wilson, 072-084 26 33, christofer.wilson@trafikverket.se.

Welcome on Thursday the 9th of May 09.00 to 11.00

The meeting will take place at the Stockholm City Conference Centre,
Thursday the 9th of May 09.00 to 11.00. The presentation will be held in English.