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Mobility services outside the cities

A case study on the development of mobility services in rural areas with self-driving technology.

Titel: Mobility services outside the cities. Development of mobility services in rural areas with self-driving technology
Författare: Toussaint Ishimwe och Thomas Lidén
Handledare på Trafikverket: Peter Smeds

Uppsala universitet, civilingenjör, System i Teknik och Samhälle


This thesis aims to create a first draft of a value-driven business model describing a mobility service for areas outside cities, which uses self-driving vehicles. The methodology used to fulfil the aim is based on service design thinking. User studies are conducted using qualitative interviews to explore the mobility needs and behaviour in rural areas. This is then combined with a morphological analysis, which is used as a structuring method for creating new business model concepts for the mobility service. Finally, stakeholder interviews are conducted in order to revise the developed business model and to find out their opinions about the proposed mobility service.

The resulting mobility service is a feeder-service that includes self-driving vehicles, operated by the public transport authority. The study shows that a concept with self-driving vehicles like this would meet the users' mobility needs. Regarding the implementation of the service, stakeholders involved have driving factors that could facilitate the implementation, such as cost savings, increased accessibility, rural development, and environmental aspects. However, some barriers are identified as well, that mainly concerns the sparse structure and long distances in rural areas, the dimension of the vehicle fleet, laws and regulations, but also the psychological barriers such as acceptance of the users to go from using their own car to utilize self-driving vehicles in a mobility service.

Mobility services outside the cities (pdf-fil, 2 MB, öppnas i nytt fönster)