Adapted commercial driving tests

You can apply for an extended test time for all commercial test types. You can also apply to take the theory test for the certificate of professional competence orally.

Extended test time

If you have difficulty reading, you can apply for an extended test time. You take the test on a computer as usual, but you are allowed more time in which to answer the questions. The regular test time is increased by 50 per cent.

Oral theory test

The oral test for the certificate of professional competence is conducted in a private room with a specially trained examiner who will read out the questions and answer options to you. You will also see the text and select whichever answer you think is right. The test is corrected automatically by the computer.

This test may be suitable for people who have severe reading and writing difficulties, ADHD, ADD or autism, for example. You can take the oral test with a sign language interpreter if you need one.


In your application, someone has to certify that you need to take an adapted theory test. Every application form clearly states what you need to attach and who can certify your application. Fill in the form as accurately as possible.

When your application has been approved, you can book your test directly using the booking service, via your driving school or with our customer service team on 0771 17 18 19.

Apply for an adapted theory test by logging in to the e-service portal using your BankID, or use the forms below.

Apply in the e-service portal

Booking and paying