Commercial driving test

You can take the commercial driving test with us. The Swedish Transport Agency issues licences and creates regulations.

Commercial driving test

Anyone wishing to drive professionally must have a commercial motor carrier permit. Anyone wishing to work as a taxi driver needs taxi driver ID. Anyone wishing to transport pass​engers or goods needs a certificate of professional competence.

ADR test

The ADR test (for transportation of dangerous goods by road) is compiled by us on behalf of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). You must have completed relevant training with an authorised instructor before you can take the test.
More information about the ADR test and approved instructors at MSB

Certification tests

You can do the roadworks (APV) and winter road construction and maintenance (VVH) tests with us. You need to check your ID06 and register before booking a test.
Certification tests and bookings (in Swedish)

ID documents you can use here

You will need to show valid ID when you take your test or have a photo taken so that you can renew your driving licence.
We accept the following as ID

More information about commercial traffic

The Swedish Transport Agency bears overall responsibility for commercial road traffic. They issue licences and compile regulations for commercial traffic.