Before the test

You must show valid ID before you can take your test. We need to know that you are who you say you are. You must also have a photo taken before the test. Make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand.

Photo for the theory test

A photo of you will be taken before the theory test when you arrive at our centre. That photo will then go on your driving licence.

Remember to have your photo taken if you are taking a B96 driving licence, or if you are upgrading an A category. You will also need a photo if you have a driving licence for automatic cars and are taking a driving test for manual cars.

For your driving license, you will need to have your photograph taken here at Trafikverket Förarprov. You can also have your photo taken here when you renew your driving license.

Here is a version of the video on the Swedish Transport Administration’s YouTube channel, with audio description

If you are taking a driving test for several categories

If you are taking a driving test for several categories, you will need to have a new photo taken for each new category.

ID documents you can use here

You will need to show valid ID when you take your test or have a photo taken so that you can renew your driving licence. This ID must be intact and it must not have expired.

We accept the following as ID:

  • SIS-marked company card, service card or ID card
  • Swedish national ID card
  • National ID card issued by other EU-country on or after 2 august 2021
  • ID card issued by the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Swedish driving licence
  • Swedish EU passpor
  • Other EU passports
  • Passports issued by the Faroe Islands, the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

If you do not have valid ID

If you do not have valid and acceptable ID, you can apply to us for an exemption from this requirement. You will then apply for someone else to certify your identity. You can apply if you are going to:

  • take a test for a driving licence category
  • take an ADR test
  • have a photo taken for renewal of your driving licence
  • exchange a foreign driving licence

It is important for the person certifying your identity to be present at the time of the test or when the photo is taken, and is able to confirm his/her identity with valid ID.

An authorised application is only valid with us and remains valid for six months if you are taking a test. When renewing a driving licence or exchanging a foreign driving licence, the application is valid on one occasion and for a maximum of two weeks.